We love working with makers, artisans, and crafters. It is core to the founding of our studio. So when we were given the opportunity to build the brand identity and system for start-up woodworking shop Sleepy Wood Co. in Texas we dove right in!

Our goal was to give the brand a handmade, crafted, feel while allowing for flexibility within the ephemera inspired system. The Sleepy Wood team requested a bear as an identifying mascot and from there we were allowed to be creative with the package of marks and elements. The banner S mark came early in the process and proved to have staying power, as it developed into the primary brand logo. In the process of research and exploring aesthetics we developed a custom, era specific, typeface for the brand; adding that extra layer of equity in the brand.

We had a blast filling up our Illustrator work space, breaking pencil lead and burnin’ up iPad battery on this one.



Branding • Illustration • Typography • Direction