Way back in 2012 we were lucky to help professional disc golf, 2009 world champion, Avery Jenkins create a first of its kind brand. Disc golf is one of the world’s fastest growing sports. The sport has never garnered the attention it deserves and when we began working with Avery he was determined to create an identity that helped do this.

Avery wanted to focus on creating a new visual for the sport, one of athleticism and skill; rather than the “hippie stoner” reputation that plagued it. We defined 4 core values for the brand mark:


We then researched the history of sports/athlete brands. We determined that the athletes name (or number) was the most definable asset. Some, like Michael Jordan, have created identifiable silhouettes based on their attributes and skills. That didn’t work with Avery because disc golf is about throwing a flat object. When rendered as a silhouette the action isn’t easily recognizable outside of the hardened disc golf community; our plan was to develop something that went beyond the base following.

The mark we developed always felt perfect. It’s an ownable shape, stenciled so easily made into stamps and stickers, can be seen as an A as well as the intended inlaid AJ, and finally mimics the flight of a disc as it moves away from its launching point. Symmetrical and easily read at a variety of sizes, the AJ logo proved to be strong in every identified need. We then set about developing an accompanying logotype that shared the dynamism created by the primary mark.

Our collaboration with Avery has become disc golfs most widely recognized logo outside of equipment brands. AJ has defined what it means to be an ambassador and has played more than 1,000 courses worldwide in an effort to spread the goodwill of the sport.

Images & products courtesy of Savage Apparel

Images & products courtesy of Savage Apparel

Disc images courtesy of Innova Disc Golf

Disc images courtesy of Innova Disc Golf



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