… a small, family run, design office spearheaded by the works of designer/illustrator Kyle Van Cleave. We pride ourselves on working with people who share our belief in a collaborative creative process and doing good work. Wild Giant isn’t some high-brow design firm and we aren’t some dudes nephew who just learned how to make logos in Photoshop (...ugh to that). Our focus is in vector illustration, logos, type and lettering design, packaging and branding. We are real, small town, folks who have over a decades worth of experience working in the design industry collaborating with everyone from small start-ups with no money and nothing more than a dream to a some of the world’s biggest brands.

Our mission is simple:

Make kick ass things for kick ass folks.




Branding & Identity Design


Logo & Mark Design

Product Photography

Packaging & Label Design

Character & Mascot Design

Apparel & Merchandise Design

Type & Lettering Design

Custom Font Design

Signage & Environmental Design

Taste Testing (we’ll even do this one for free!)


+ Google

+ Roots of Fight

+ Seattle Seahawks

+ The Bald Faced Truth

+ Buckhead Truck 

+ PalmerBet

+ Copa Di Vino / Pulpoloco Sangria

+ Upstate Merch

+ Avery Jenkins Disc Golf

+ HVIII Brand Goods

+ Deli Fresh Threads



What is a “Wild Giant”?

That’s a great question. We don’t really know, but we know how we chose it. Sometimes there is a precisely executed meaning behind a name. Sometimes, in our case, it’s a gumbo of meaningful things; and that’s OK with us because we love gumbo! So we’ll keep that secret recipe to ourselves.