Wild Giant is a family run creative office in Oregon. We pride ourselves on working with people who share our belief in the creative process and doing good work. We aren’t some high-brow design firm and we aren’t your nephew who just learned how to make logos in Photoshop (...ugh to that). We are real, small town, folks who have over a decades worth of experience working in the design industry collaborating with pro-athletes, Fortune 500 companies, mom & pop shops, apparel brands, breweries, and everything in-between. We like to have fun with our work and our creative partners.

Some specialites and other things we can do, if you ask nicely:

+ Branding

+ Illustration

+ Logo Design

+ Character & Mascot Design

+ Apparel & Merchandise Design

+ Type & Lettering Design

+ Font Design

- Signage & Environmental Design

- Creative Direction

- Packaging & Label Design

- Brand & Product Creation

- Taste Testing (we’ll even do this one for free!)

We love Oregon. Our families have a combined 14 generations worth of stake in the Beaver State. We’re what you would call Purebred Northwesterners. Being an Oregonian, and Northwesterner in-general, is a creative endeavor by its own right. Behind every turn there is some new and amazing wonder. We refer to our home as “The 33rd” for it’s place in statehood. The Dalles, and the Columbia River Gorge, is where we call home. This place is where the pioneers made a decision: to go over Mt. Hood to the Willamette Valley, or take the Columbia. The Dalles is so nice Lewis & Clark stayed twice!

Some of our collaborators & friends:

+ Roots of Fight

+ Seattle Seahawks

+ Google

+ The Bald Faced Truth

+ Buckhead Truck 

+ PalmerBet

+ Copa Di Vino

+ The Alliance of American Football

+ Avery Jenkins Disc Golf

+ Deli Fresh Threads

+ Liftory / PearlThinks.com

+ HVIII Brand Goods

When Kyle, our co-founder, was but a wee lad his old man would preach to him: Be ready when it’s your time. Whether it was sports, work, family, relationships, or just life in general, it was a cautionary thought that things can come fast and when they do you can’t be caught with your pants down (unless it’s pants optional day in the office).

As a design studio we always stand at the ready for our partners and collaborators. It’s a simple idea that has shaped who we are and how we work. We have taken that way of thinking to heart and that is why our studio battle cry is: